How I Built An $800k+ Digital Marketing Agency

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Hailey Brook Weiss - Founder of Digital Marketing Agency - Power Move Marketing





Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hi there! My name is Hailey Brook Weiss and I started Power Move Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency, in 2020 as a sole founder. We are a one stop shop for all marketing needs and have worked worked with some of the world’s largest brands. We take over the stress of our clients from keeping up with the ever-changing aspects of social media and the algorithms.


I’ve always been great at reading the room and knowing what a business is missing or when they aren’t reaching their full potential. This is especially true in a social media landscape that’s constantly changing and growing. Today, if a business isn’t staying on top of the newest trends they’re leaving money on the table. That’s where we come in. We not only optimize their existing channels, but introduce them to new channels they aren’t using to stay competitive. In many cases those new channels end up being their most profitable.


What's your personal history and the inspiration for your business?

I started Power Move Marketing because after playing four years of D1 volleyball, I needed a way to continue to be competitive. I had already begun private consulting for several companies while still in graduate school and found a lot of success with it. Some of my clients suggested that I begin my own marketing company since I had outperformed their previous marketing companies. 


During grad school, I was also walking dogs for Wag, driving kids to and from school, giving volleyball lessons, and doing the color commentary for the volleyball games that were televised while continuing to pick up marketing clients. I fell in love with helping my clients and found myself working on their projects during class, lunch, and my free time. I had become obsessed with learning more about digital marketing. I realized that I wanted to work with more businesses and as I gained more clients, I got to slash each of my side jobs.


I hadn’t thought about doing it full-time post graduation but thanks to an awesome professor (yay Kenny Herbst!) and seeing how I was making a real positive impact on my clients, it made me realize that I wanted to continue helping companies reach their full potential, even after graduate school. I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur because I love constantly learning, team building, taking risks, and the fact that there is truly no limit to your potential.


Describe the process of launching your remote business

Getting started was pretty straight forward. I had already been doing private consulting for years and knew I was great at it. I thought of a business name I felt aligned with my competitive spirit, filed all the necessary paperwork, and very quickly Power Move Marketing was born. I already had clients to sign from day 1 and as time passed our results continued to speak for themselves. As the business continued to grow I slowly began bringing on some amazing employees so I could work on the items that would make the business scalable.


Below is a photo of some of our ambitious and highly-talented team


Power Move Marketing Team

What has worked to attract customers and earn their loyalty?

We gain most of our clients through social media with our top performing platforms being Instagram & TikTok. This lets potential clients get to know me/my company before ever signing on.


Also being able to keep up with the trends and use relevant hashtags- showcase our work in an entertaining way has been a key to our success.


Knowing what you know now, are there things you would have done differently when first starting out?

I would have utilized my personal brand and LinkedIn + TikTok earlier! Since I’ve leaned into developing my personal brand it’s made a huge difference in our success. Tiktok is still an unexplored realm for many brands and I’ve seen time and time again how effective it can be when you know how to leverage it.

What has been the best part of starting a remote business?

My husband plays professional baseball so remote work allows me to travel and support him.

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

We use Shopify for our website and hosting.

What have been the most influential books, networking groups, podcasts, or other resources you've found?

I love the book “Hacking Growth” and listening to Tony Robbins.

I have even created a Facebook Group called “Entrepreneur Network” where entrepreneurs can meet and connect with one another.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to build a remote business of their dreams?

Test the market first. Don’t feel the need to quit a full time job or drop out of school until your business can stand on its own. Owning your own business is feast or famine- Don’t over celebrate the highs, but don’t sulk in the lows.

Are there any positions or internships you're hiring for now?

Yes! We have a wonderful internship program at PMM! We are always looking for motivated and passionate individuals who have a love for social media, blogging, and/or digital marketing!

Where can we go to learn more?

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